Saturday, July 31, 2010

Temporary Undeserved Success

So Thursday and Friday I tried to pull off the Herbalife "kickstart" called LaBamba. I did it last summer, only lost 2 1/2 pounds during the two days, but lost a total of 7 for the week. I figured that was just what I needed to remind myself of the success I have had over the past year in losing weight and get me back on track. So on day one, I mixed my concoction of 7 packets of peach mango protein drink mix, tea, and aloe.

The plan is to drink this plus a gallon of water for day one...I did that. But, I had forgotten we had a dinner at church that night, so.... I also had a glass of wine, a buttery cracker with a tad of brie, small spoonfuls of shepherd's pie and pasta salad, some garden salad with no dressing and an unsweetened tea. hmmmm....

Day two is supposed to be five of the Herbalife meal replacement shakes....but we wound up having company for dinner. Jim did an incredible Indian spread with chicken curry, palak paneer, and naan with a cilantro sauce. He did this to be helpful to me because the first and last time I had Indian, I got violently ill and have avoided it since. But it just smelled so yummy. So...three shakes into the day, I broke and decided to eat dinner. I mean, his sister and her boyfriend were over and don't you think it would just be rude to not join in the meal? And it may be socially inexcusable to not have a glass of wine with guests...

Saturday morning weigh-in? Lost 5 pounds! I didn't need this kind of reward for such weak behavior. Maybe this is the beginning of a new charmed life. That would rock.

The Indian still made me sick.


Thursday, July 29, 2010

Avoid Contact with the Eyes

and other warnings about various subjects that may or may not affect your enjoyment of this blog.

On Punctuation and Style:

I like words. I like precise words. I'm years out of good writing practice, but think I may have missed a calling in technical writing. I'm dry.

I believe punctuation is an art. I compulsively substitute "furthermore" for semicolons and "and here it/they is/are" for colons to judge appropriate use thanks to those crazy Canadian Standard Deviants. I have a dangerous relationship with ellipses. Because they indicate the exclusion of extraneous material, I tend to (over)use them to portray breaks in thought. Sorry. I even tire myself with this... but I cannot stop...see?

You may have already noticed this, but I also have what could be considered an annoying appreciation and affinity for alliteration.

Oh yeah, and parallel structure makes my heart flutter.

On Writing about my Family:

I love them, but I don't gush. Don't think that I don't absolutely think that husband and kids are not the most special people inhabiting this planet. However, I know that you do not share that opinion, and I am a realist in some respects to a fault. I always feel like the mom who doesn't SEEM to love her kids as much as other moms. I like to think I have a decent grasp on what is special/meaningful/funny to just me, and when something they do or say would be damn funny to anyone. I always try to talk only about the latter. It's ok if you are one of those other moms. I don't judge.

On Politics:

Don't plan to write about this much...ever. But if you're curious, I'm easy: If you're conservative, you may think I'm liberal. If you're liberal, you would laugh at anyone who labeled me one. That's good. I hate labels, anyway.

On Religion:

Another topic I plan to avoid, but, like politics, it interests people. I love my church, St. John's Episcopal, and this joke will tell you as much as you need to know about how I feel:

A Baptist, a Catholic, and an Episcopalian meet Jesus at the gates of heaven.
Jesus asks the Baptist, "Who do you say that I am?"
Baptist replies, "Well, the Bible says..."
Jesus says, "I didn't ask what the Bible said," and poses the same question to the Catholic.
Catholic replies, "Well, the church says..."
Jesus cuts him off saying, "I didn't ask what the church said. Episcopalian, who do you say that I am?"
Episcopaian replies, "You are the Christ, the Son of God."
Jesus replies, "Very good. You are absolutely..."
Episcopalian interrupts, "But, on the other hand,..."

On the weight-loss front, I'm in the midst of a little 2-day experiment. Will report more and if it was worth it when I'm done.

Geez, I hope I never write anything with so many sentences beginning with "I" as long as I much for my technical writing career.


Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Exercise in egocentrism?

I hope not. That is the farthest thing from what I want this blog to be. That being said, I suppose one cannot blog without a tad of it. What else to talk about? How to justify putting it out there if not at least partially for one's self?

I have been following some awesome blogs for some time now that have been great for ideas and inspiration for sewing/clothing design, parenting, and health and fitness. In thinking about my relationship with these areas and reading the journies of others, I have arrived at my area of expertise, my niche, the market that I own outright, and it is......imperfection. So this blog will include accounts of my attempts to sew, accessorize, parent, and not get fatter....and will hopefully exclude topics directly related to my profession. Of course, that's easy for me to say while it is still summer, while I am still reveling in excused laziness in the form of "vacation recovery" and "quality time with children." Come August, when the alien re-invades my body, takes over my household, and begins its inevitable mind-control schemes that rob me of sleep, peace, and my good nature, I may inadvertently mention the "s" word BUT if I vow now that this blog will be about my life outside of work, maybe it will force me to have one. A tall order for a year that will bring so much change and so much more responsibility...all the more reason to get a life, right?

Blogs I love (so you should, too):

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Ok, there are more, but I think this is enough for your first assignment...


Had my body scanned to find out I need to lose at least 16.8 pounds of body fat to be in a healthy range

Received a creepy smile from a man at the gas station wearing too much cologne

Retrieved the silicone Big Top Cupcake from a high shelf to avoid a Penny Lane meltdown; she believes it is her hat...

Cried over spilled was a full glass!!