Saturday, July 31, 2010

Temporary Undeserved Success

So Thursday and Friday I tried to pull off the Herbalife "kickstart" called LaBamba. I did it last summer, only lost 2 1/2 pounds during the two days, but lost a total of 7 for the week. I figured that was just what I needed to remind myself of the success I have had over the past year in losing weight and get me back on track. So on day one, I mixed my concoction of 7 packets of peach mango protein drink mix, tea, and aloe.

The plan is to drink this plus a gallon of water for day one...I did that. But, I had forgotten we had a dinner at church that night, so.... I also had a glass of wine, a buttery cracker with a tad of brie, small spoonfuls of shepherd's pie and pasta salad, some garden salad with no dressing and an unsweetened tea. hmmmm....

Day two is supposed to be five of the Herbalife meal replacement shakes....but we wound up having company for dinner. Jim did an incredible Indian spread with chicken curry, palak paneer, and naan with a cilantro sauce. He did this to be helpful to me because the first and last time I had Indian, I got violently ill and have avoided it since. But it just smelled so yummy. So...three shakes into the day, I broke and decided to eat dinner. I mean, his sister and her boyfriend were over and don't you think it would just be rude to not join in the meal? And it may be socially inexcusable to not have a glass of wine with guests...

Saturday morning weigh-in? Lost 5 pounds! I didn't need this kind of reward for such weak behavior. Maybe this is the beginning of a new charmed life. That would rock.

The Indian still made me sick.



  1. Caroline,
    I LOVE the blog and I'm looking forward to reading more! Congrats on your 5lb loss! Maybe I should be drinking more wine LOL Thanks for linking my blog in one of your posts :-)


  2. Maybe I need that definite need of a jump start! I'm keeping my calories and workouts in check, but weightloss is SOOOO SLLOOOWWW.