Saturday, August 14, 2010

A Little Directionless...

Have recently become aware that I have apparently, for a long time, been looking for some sort of creative outlet.

Super jealous of husband's conceptual and drawing abilities...but he's so sweet, he says I can draw, too, I just need practice...he says that to everyone, though. Kinda his job.

Lots of clothing design ideas that I need to build my sewing skills to match...

"Writing" in bed all the time when I should be sleeping; brain will not shut down and self-discipline too atrophied at the moment to actually get up or sit up in the bed and scribble down the bits I'm thinking of.

Meg White...I want a tambourine...and some maracas...and a drum kit....not really. Well, maybe a tambourine. (not seriously interested in becoming a percussionist, just think it's cool)

Currently have little respect for my scattered interests, but optimistic that I will eventually make something out of them...or one of them.

For the time being, I think I may only have time for the tambourine...if I had one...

Frustration, I can tell that we are gonna be friends...

Can you tell I'm watching The White Stripes as I type this?


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