Saturday, November 27, 2010

Date Night

Discuss if we can afford a night out right at the holidays.
Decide we can't afford NOT to take a night out.
Confirm sitter.
Argue a bit about what cleaning needs to be done.
As sitter arrives, realize there's nothing for the girls to eat and Jim leaves for grocery store.
Wait because grocery store takes longer than expected (of course)
Finally leave.
Debate where to eat...for 20 minutes.
Pull in a sushi place on a whim and thoroughly enjoy it.
Until the end when my stomach begins to rumble.
Shop (score $10 hoodies at Gap for the kids) while we wait for comedy show to start.
Break out in cold sweat and search for restroom.
Land at a bar...with a convenient restroom.
See a friend.
Excuse myself.
Reassure Jim I'll be fine.
Not be fine.

Continue not being fine thinking fineness will overtake at any minute and the night will be back on track and I will be laughing and having fun and drinking a cocktail with my husband and no children and creating one of those times that in the future will make me say, "We should really do that again, you know."

Face that I will not make it through a comedy show and accept defeat at the hands of what had been a delicious bento box...

Tell Jim to take me home

Distract myself by finally setting up my gmail on my phone and wondering what we are listening to...
No, Tim Armstrong. That's why you think it sounds like Rancid.
I don't; I thought it was the Aggrolites but I really don't "know" the Aggrolites so it's still confusing...
Marvel at the power of my brain to make associations without bothering my conscious

Stop for beer and gas

Convince Jim that the only reason he doesn't like to drive the sitter home is because we're high school teachers and have been subject to purposeful, systematic instillation of irrational fears about being alone with a teenager of the opposite sex even in the most mundane of situations but that normal people don't have those fears and really it's all right for him to drive the sitter home since I am feeling very ill.

Continue my illness at home but encourage Jim to order a movie
Watch Along Came Polly instead...meh.

Give eternal thanks that I am married and that, despite everything, there is no such thing as a bad date anymore. and the house is clean.

NOTE: The above picture was taken immediately before Penny Lane was born (extra wide nose explained.), not on a fun date or anything...don't have a picture like that. I think I need one.

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