Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Phone pic time again!

Here we go again!

Penny Lane has been feeling inspired lately and doing a little light "reading"...

Nevermind that her parents don't dress her until past noon on Saturday. I assure you she at least has on a clean diaper.

The start of all things yummy:

In this case, cheesy chicken spaghetti.

A lot of our Thanksgiving was spent working on this...

The science fair is tomorrow, but as far as I'm concerned, it's OVER!!

This week was the first Sunday of Advent.

Bobby and Jules both got to make wreaths at Sunday School, so our table is extra festive. They are stoked about the candle-lighting at dinner every night, too. I'm really glad they made these.

Penny Lane's hair is....well, difficult.

Add to that the fact that despite my being a mother of three girls, I CANNOT do hair, and on most days you get this:

Which provoked this conversation just this morning:

Jim: What is that?
Me: What is what?
Jim: (pointing at Penny Lane) That.
Me: (Frantically searching for a venomous insect or emerging rash) What?!
Jim: That thing you put on her head.
Me: Oh. yeah. Well, it's not in her eyes anymore.

What's on your phone? Link yours here, too!


  1. i LOVE the smell of peppers and onions in a pot with butter. oh my gosh. more than half my meals start out that way.

    super cute baby girl. can't get enuf pictures of her!!

    thanks for playing!! grab the phone button!!!

  2. I am so not looking forward to huge school projects! My oldest is in 2nd grade, when does all the craziness start? Your Penny Lane is precious! I miss my girls at that age. I know all about the hair. It doesn't help when you have to deal with 3 completely different hair types like I do!
    Thanks for looking at my blog and I made Brinley's dress by the way! ;)

  3. @julie Great job on the dress. I thought it may be Matilda Jane.

  4. Oh and the craziness has officially begun for us in the fifth grade. This, PLUS an edible cell...all within two weeks.

  5. What a compliment that you thought it might be Matilda Jane! I LOVE MJC but with 3 girls and being a stay at home momma we can't afford the price tag. :( So I just get crafty and make my own! :)

    So I have a couple more years until school will be crazy for me!

  6. ick my oldes is in 3rd and staring in 4th they have a MASSIVE bug collection they have to do. hopefully we can save his and reuse it for 2-5...maybe ;o)and now i think i know what i'm having for dinner thanks!