Monday, November 22, 2010

Thanksgiving Break Rocks

Sooooo.... I'm back.

It's break, and I'm breakin'. Check out what I did last night:

A learning experience and getting back into practice session. These were two Goodwill shirts, now they are, well, whatever kind of outfit that is. I actually started with a different top here...

But the Captain thought the vertical stripes on the sleeves with the horizontals on the pants was questionable. (As if this whole orange stripey conception were not questionable on its own.) My insecurity about this birthed the horizontal-stripe-with-the-one-scrap-I-have-left-to-salvage-this-project design you saw above. I further compromised my end product when I sewed that horizontal peice in upside-down. Yikes! That's why there's that "layered look" going on. It turned out a little fussy and not how I imagined. It's a little 80's sweatsuit, I think. But then, Little P looks good in anything.

And today, I finally did some arm warmers/babylegs out of these knee socks I've had lying across my sewing machine for weeks now.

I make mine using this tutorial, but there are a million out there. Eden loves these. 


I have an avacado green dryer that belonged to my grandparents. It is ancient. I painted the cabinets in my laundry room to go with it.

Notice the Rite Aid Sleep Aid peeking out from behind the stripey sleeved number--always handy.

I sewed in a little tag on that one, too. It's because I'm a Dana from Made wannna-be. 

That zebra print? That's for something someone actually asked me to sew for them---to give her daughter for a Christmas gift! She'll probably even want to pay me and I won't want to accept it. We'll see...

These pics taken with my iphone. Apologies. I need to get my hands on a much better camera if I'm going to do this...


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