Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Phone Picture Time Again

Penny Lane has been reading again...

Never mind the million children's books we have around the house.

We have started establishing a "kids' table" when we go out to eat now.

Penny Lane usually sits with us, but she wanted to be a big kid on that night. 

I guess she's not ready.

Christmas tree shopping! Look, the daycare did PL's hair.

That's why it looks kinda cute.

Eden and PL playing in the Christmas tree net.

This picture doesn't look loud, but I assure you the noise level in our living room was deafening with the squeals and furniture rearranging.

You can see Daddy's beer waiting on the side table in the background...his reward if he won the battle with the Christmas tree stand.

Oh and I'm saying goodbye to this:

It's my 'baby' sewing machine I've been using for the past year...
that stayed in its box for two years before it was ever opened.

No intimidating buttons, straightforward super simple sewing...but I'm moving up.

More on that later.

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  1. a kid's table, that's a great idea! except then i couldn't smack them upside the head when they got terdy. ;p

  2. Sewing machine! Can't wait to see what you move on too...:)

  3. We do a kids table TOO!! i like Penny Lane's choice of reading material.. oh and thanks for linking after me i was feeling lame for being late :o)

  4. we also do a kids table! :) so much easier! and then people don't think they are with me. haha.
    i just got my daughter a sewing machine for christmas. i'm hoping we can take some classes together. i need to re-learn how to sew.

  5. why didn't anyone tell me? i guess i should start doing a kids table too. sheesh. is this the answer to all my problems? i hope so.