Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Caroline's Phone is Back!

I've been feeling terrible that I've missed so many Tuesdays linking up at The Lowe Family News! I got the button...and then I got busy. Really busy and preoccupied...and I'm trying to get over that.

Bobby got spy gear for Christmas. He's enlisted Juliet and it's Spy vs. Spy around here all the time:

That actually looks like one of their more friendly arguments.

They've had Eden working on a logo for their spy "firm":

I never saw a logo, but she did a lot of admiring of her own name...

Penny Lane has been getting into any stray markers she finds to do some art of her own.

Like this little green mustache...

Last, but not least, the reason that my preoccupation lately has never been about what's for supper:

Awesome, I know.

Observation: I didn't plan this to include a picture of each member of the family, just worked out that way...and they say I'm not fair!

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  1. Your kids are too cute and a hubby that cooks is priceless!