Tuesday, January 25, 2011

It's Tuesday Pic Time!

Cue the angel choirs...

It is the Baja salad at Wendy's, the 700+ calorie delight that has captured my fast-food-loving heart.

I had one last week and just had to take a picture of it in all its splendor.

Also, I wore my purple nail polish last week. See it? I luuuurve it.

Eden attended a princess ballerina party this weekend...

And struck a few adorable poses before we left.

What I should have recorded was her performing in front of the mirror at the party.
Eden loves herself. I hope she stays that way.

Finally, here we are at one of the few stores we go to in full force: Michael's.

Notice in picture one we have Little P brewing up some discontent.
Then in picture two, Bobby (without prompting) comes to the rescue to cheer her up.
Good boy.

Not too many pictures taken this week on the phone. Going to try to be more aware this week.

Check out the phone pics linked here at The Lowe Family News!

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  1. ok that baja salad looks divine. and i don't even really like salads. fine. i'll try it. ughh.