Sunday, January 16, 2011

Project Restyle 1 and 2

I think this appeals to me because it is not easy to get quality fabric in Minden. Also, making new things out of existing clothes allows me to use their nice hems--and if it's knit, I may not even hem at all.

This was my first restyle of the year. Old, stained, outgrown t-shirts become a comfy new scarf:

Then, I took this cardigan Mom gave me that turned out to be too big...

Gotta admit I wore it a couple of times. But it really was way too big. The kind of too big that seems to add 15 pounds. 

So I gave it a new and better life.

As a dress for Penny Lane:

And now I'm not sure what's next.

Maybe a trip to Goodwill?


  1. I totally forgot to tell you how cute your scarf was Friday!! Great ideas;)

  2. i made drew a scarf out of old lsu t-shirts a lil while back. it was big fun. can't wait to make some more. good job!